1. I’m Back!

    It’s been a while. I’ve been through a complete nightmare of a house move, I’ve been without a solid internet connection for nearly 4 months (1st world problems, I know) and now I have an absolute TONNE of photos to get through from the tail end of last year. I thought as a bit of a return to the internet I would give a run down of some of my favourite frames from 2013 over a couple of posts. Here are just a few of my favourite car shots from various projects. Some are personal and some are from my new found position on the SlamMedia team. We’ll start with number 1.

    1 - VW Karmann Ghia - I saw this whilst I was on a trip to London for my Girlfriend’s birthday. It was parked up along a row of houses on the outskirts of Covent Garden. Its shiny black and chrome exterior revealed all of it’s little dents and scratches from years passed but it still sat looking pretty and really stood out against all of the Evoque’s and Mondeo’s.

    2 - Datsun 280c - This car really stood out for me at the Modified Nationals show. Amongst all of the tricked out modern cars this had been stylishly converted into a low riding classic. As we walked past we caught this shot just as it it was putting on a little show of it’s own.

    3 - Sarj’s Yaris - I co-shot shot this little Yaris with Cameron for SlamMedia back in October. Whilst searching for a location we came across the underpass that I had previously used for a band shoot, with a little bit of detouring we managed to get the car in there. Autumn was in full swing and we got some great results that made their way onto the feature where you can learn a lot more about all the effort that went into this build.

    4 - Audi S3 - Another shoot for SlamMedia, this S3 was completely kitted out with air suspension and looked perfect wherever it went. We used a small quiet road for the shoot, nothing over the top, we let the car do all of the work here.

    5 - Paul’s Mini - Paul’s greatest purchase of the year in my opinion. We travelled all the way down to Bognor Regis for this beauty and I followed it all the way back home again after one small breakdown and about 6 petrol stops. I cant wait to spend some more time with this little car next summer, I hear there are big plans in the works. This was shot on a quiet secluded beach not far from Skegness during our epic heat wave.

    For more check out my photoblog and my site which should be receiving more regular attention. I’ll be updating them both with various shoots as and when I get to them.

  2. A couple of my custom GTA builds.

  3. A little look at some shots I did with Cam for SlamMedia.net at the weekend. This great little Yaris has an awesome story and will have a nice set of photos to go with it. Here’s a taster.

  4. A few more from Saturdays shoot with Ingrid. The full set will be up on my site very soon, consider this a sneak peak…

  5. Here’s a little preview of what I got up to this weekend whilst collaborating with a local make-up artist. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m pretty chuffed with the results! More on the way.

  6. Autumn is in full effect over here! I took Morgan out for the day on Sunday and we snapped a few seasonal frames. Here are some of my favourites. There will be new wallpapers available on my site soon so keep an eye out.

  7. Here’s a sneaky look at one of two shoots I did this weekend. I was working with some new Kings & Thieves products that should go online fairly soon. It was a great opportunity to test out my new gear and I got some really nice results! More soon.

  8. I managed to resist updating to iOS 7 for about a week, but I finally caved and I’m kind of pleasantly surprised with it. Aside from some of the icons (which can easily be hidden away) I keep coming across little details that I actually really like. It’s made my ageing iPhone 4 feel like a brand new device which is great because its going to keep me entertained until I decide what to get next.

    So yeah, if you’re on the fence about updating then do it! Do it now!

  9. Some frames from today’s endeavour. Morgan and I went up to visit Willow this afternoon and I gave him some treats and a groom, I think he might be my friend now.

  10. A year a go today we were on our way to our beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. How time flies. You can see all of my photos here - http://jazzybam.com/maldives

  11. I spent the day in Leicester with Morgan today. And although I didn’t take my camera I still had a little play with my upgraded niftyfifty before we went out. Look at those eyes!

  12. More tests with the Canon 5D

  13. It felt like too long since I upgraded my camera gear so I decided to splash out a bit. Enter my new set up: 50mm 1.4, 28mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8 and the 24-70mm 2.8 along with my new(ish) 2nd body, the Canon 5D. It’s my first step into the world of full frame photography and it feels awesome! Everything is starting to turn up on my doorstep so I’m busy playing today, but I’ll be sure to post up some test shots Here’s one of Isla looking very chipper. 

  15. This was my weekend. In total we drove about 500 miles, maybe more, all for the little chap you see in the picture above. On Saturday morning I met Paul at Peterborough station and from there we took the Polo all the way down to Bognor Regis only stopping next to Heathrow for a quick lunch. We arrived a little early, the seller was still at work so we took ourselves into the seaside town and had coffee as we eagerly awaited the go ahead.

    At about half 3 we got what we came for. The little Mini was parked in the garage, only its cheeky rear end poking out and Paul was already giddy with excitement. We got all of the paperwork and payment out of the way as quickly as possible and headed out to claim his new motor. Seeing it for the first time I was really impressed. It was all in great condition, rust free in the right places, the paintwork was still gleaming and then he started the engine. It growled! It had an awesome twin exhaust at the back which gave it an almighty sound for such a diddy thing. We were just about ready to go and we spotted a screw in one of the back tyres, so we got it up on the jack and stuck the spare on. Then we were finally ready to go! I was following all the way home, almost acting as a safety car, and it’s a good job I was. About 5 miles down the road, just as we were approaching a roundabout on a duel carriageway I noticed as the traffic began to move, the mini didnt… Hazard lights on then. We popped the bonnet and took a look, we couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, nothing was smoking, everything was connected, so we rang the seller who kindly came out to give the tyres a kick and give it a once over for himself. As we waited it started to pour it down so we took shelter in my car. Mark arrived and agreed that there wasn’t anything visibly wrong, so we tinkered and tested it. Then there was a cough, a splutter and it started to purr again. Success! We were back on the road.

    It turned out that Paul was just pushing the little guy jut a bit too hard, so he agreed not to take it up to 90 any more, that seemed to do the trick. After other 200 miles and 3 or 4 fuel stops we arrived back in the ‘shire and after I had a little go (which I loved) I sent him on his way. As he bounced off down the road with a massive smile on his face sounding like a suped up Impreza I couldn’t help but think that I should probably get saving too…


    Photo stuff
    This was shot with my 50mm 1.8, ISO 100 at 1/640 sec.
    I used a ND8 Filter to maintain my aperture in the bright sunlight.
    This is also about 10 pictures stitched together using the brenizer method.